Data-Driven Organizational Development Strategies

Plaid Hound Analytics is a consultancy helping small businesses and non-profits achieve their operational goals.

About Us

Plaid Hound Analytics Supports Change Agents seeking to improve and grow their organizations.

Plaid Hound Analytics was founded by Jakob Klaus, MSW, LCSW.

For more than a decade Jakob has worked in social services and social change organizations in Washington, DC and Baltimore area.

Jakob’s ability to resolve complex issues has earned him a reputation as a highly effective researcher, negotiator and advisor.



Community Change

A community can be a company, faith group or a neighborhood.

Plaid Hound Analytics has partnered with Tenacious Change to support and guide communities as they engage in systems based change.

Tenacious Change Approach provides organizations with a evidence-based practice for sustainable change.


Evaluation services

Timely and accurate feedback can be the difference between program success or failure.

Plaid Hound utilizes quantitative & qualitative analysis to provide organizations with regular feedback to identify challenges and growth opportunities.


Integrated Talent Management

Coming Spring 2023

The most important asset in any organization are it's employees. But many times Human Resources becomes an afterthought for small businesses.

Integrated Talent Management allows businesses to align business processes, policies and employee development to optimize organizational growth.


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